Oxygen Plant  and Servıces

We adopt CAD in design and CAM in manufacturing  turbine expander  .We have been qualified to supply air separation plants below 15000nm 3 /h gaseous oxygen ox, high purity nitrogen plants below 15000nm 3 /h, liquid oxygen and nitrogen plant below 500t/d, , tank containers as well as gox/gas oxygen) and lox(lıquıd oxygen) whıch ıs   suitable for:- hospitals,ındustrial welding,-steel industry,-chemicals,-metallurgy,-oil and gas ,  cryogenıc aır separatıon plants ıncludıng lın(lıquıd nıtrogen),lar(lıquıd argon).

We are also supplyıng gox(gas oxygen),gn(gas nıtrogen),gar(gas argon) buffered and lıquıd eıther cryogenıc or gas tanks ın varıous pressures

We serve;

Comprehensive services that ensure a high level of client and customer care include:

- teams of plant designers and consultants

- world-wide aftersales services

- erection and start-up services

- full product training

- plant maintenance contracts